How to show different color on the clickable .gif file

I am using HTML and java script for clicking on the image file to get various respose dynamically. As you can see from the code, I can click on different co-ordinates / position on the .gif file to get the info.

<td><img src="../shelf/cards/stm1s-tdm-nim.jpg" width="215" height="22" usemap="#stm1s-tdm-nim-<%=slot_num%>"/>
<map name="stm1s-tdm-nim-<%=slot_num%>">
<area shape="rect"
alt=" "
href='JavaScript:changeContent("/shelf/tw600/card.jsp", "activeMenu=0,1&sel=<%=slot_num%>")'>

Help Required : What can i do in order to show the position or the cordinate portion that has been clicked (say to different color). I just want to change the color of the co-ordinate and not the entire gif file.

Can i use ActiveWidgets 2.0 . Is there any sample code available to achive such ...

Please Help!
February 28,
It sounds like you are asking for a way to change the color of a portion of the image once the mouse is clicked? If that is what you are asking you are going to be very disapointed. Without other graphic libraries or such stuff, images are static on a web page. If you want to display color where the mouse is might I suggest creating a DIV of the color and size you want and placing it at the location of the cursor. This might give you the illusion that the image is changing without having to edit the image.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
March 1,

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