progress bar in jsp

how can i develop a progress bar in jsp
jelin jose
October 27,
Before you try, know that on the client, while any JavaScript function is communicating with the server, IE STOPS ALL OTHER PROCCESSES. This means that if you are calling back to the server to get data, or to perform some lookup or ???, IE is frozen waiting for the server to return. The ONLY thing that will continue to run is a Flash annimation (it has it's own engine). Even an animated GIF will freeze. I spent a lot of time trying to create a progress bar to use during server fetches and the bottom line is that in IE it is really not entirely possible. I found code around on the web that created progress bars but they all stopped as soon as a call was made the the server, or even if you are in a JavaScript loop. Nothing I found worked. You might think about a pseudo progress bar displayed in the Window.status area since that area does update.
Jim Hunter
October 27,
can pls send me in my email add(marxpipes@yahoo.com) a study which indicate in enhancing a progress bar which uses animation in the window???

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your help will trully be appreciated..

tnx a lot
November 6,
Usually the best way to implement a progress bar in asynchronous HTTP is to simply use an Animated gif. When you are about to do a .request then you show the gif and then when you get the data you hide the gif again.

Now if animated Gifs are not animating then you either have faulty Gifs or are using the AW.XML.Table request method with setAsync(false).

Karl Thoroddsen
November 6,

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