Events for tree widget


Could you tell me how to find out what events are available on the tree widget.

I can't find it in the documentation and the example doesn't have any that I can see.

February 28,
The tree control has one specific event - onTreeSignClicked(event, index)
All the rest are standard onSomePropertyChanging / onSomePropertyChanged.

onTreeSignClicked handler changes ViewExpanded property (true/false) and
onViewExpandedChanged handler simply refreshes corresponding view (set of child nodes).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 28,
Thanks a lot for that, makes perfect sense.

February 28,
i'm presuming that the nodes of the tree have an onclick or onselect event.

How can i code a responce against this event?
Tim Edwards
January 2,
obj.onItemClicked = function(event, index){

// you code
// index is ordinal number of the tree leaf selected

alert("you clicked on the " + index " leaf")
john sig
January 13,
That code isn't working for me, the alert isn't popping up. Any ideas?
September 12,
onItemClicked should work with the standard tree -

tree.onItemClicked = function(event, i){

If you are using treeItem with checkbox - apply this fix


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 13,

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