Tree Grid: Example

I tried the Tree Grid example and can't get it to work.
Can someone post a working example of Tree Grid.
Great product - good job everyone.
November 21,
I don't think it is working yet. Check it out in the next Beta (3) to see if it is working.
Jim Hunter
November 21,
Tree grid is still not working and most likely I will not be able to finish it in time so I am going to remove it from beta3 and postpone until after 2.0 (something like 2.1).

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 21,
Any update on this Tree Grid - it's a make or break feature for us. If not in 2.0, any dates on 2.1?
Angela D
December 8,
Any updates on release of Tree Grid, we are anxiously waiting for it.
May 17,
Steve L
May 18,
May 30,
I have output 1000 rows or more. Is there a way to keep grids 10-20 row in one (parent). If I click at '+' of a parent it will expend 10-20 rows and ets.
February 2,
Hi Alex,

Take a look at the code I've posted at http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.18013.3/tree-grid.html
If you are ok with the limitations mentioned, it might fit your requirements.

Ankur Motreja
February 5,

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