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I just added free trial version of AW 2.0 - it is restricted to Firefox, so I am not really sure how usefull it is, just hope that it is better than not having any.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 18,
Can you explain why you aren't offering the fully functional version in a free trial? I mean... anyone technical enough to actually be prouctive using this product would be able to get it anyway if they want it, no?
February 22,
It is a fully functional version. It only has one supported browser. I don't get why there would be flack over this? It allows a developer to download the code, run it in FireFox and even create extensions and new controls etc. It gives you all the feedback that you need to be able to know if this is going to fit your needs. So what difference does it make if it is limited to FireFox or not? This gives Alex a way to allow people to get to know the code without people being able to make off with it and using it on their sites for free. This is a win/win situation for everyone.

Just because a highly skilled person can break into a secured safe in a bank, doesn't mean that they should just remove all the doors and windows and let everyone have full access to the open vault. You need to have checks and balances. In my opinion this was the perfect solution for Alex.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 22,
Erm, well what if you need to test it by integrating with various IE only functionality to make sure everything plays well together? Providing a FF only free trial does not allow people to test it in many of the important ways they might need to use the product in production (not without having some techical skills anyway).
February 22,

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