Assign IDs to Columns?

Is there any way to assign ID's to columns in a Grid?
I think it would make the CSS a little more readable instead of using .aw-column-1, etc...

That said, I am very impressed with Active Widgets...great job!
October 21,
The ID used in CSS is the actual datasource column index. Starting with AW 2.5 it will be possible to use text indices, like -

var myData = [
   {name: "Product 1", price: 123.00, qty: 50; total: 56789.00},
   {name: "Product 2", price: 345.00, qty: 10; total: 44556.00}
grid.setColumnIndices(["name", "price", "qty", "total"]);

In this case CSS column selectors will look like -
.aw-column-price: {...}
.aw-column-qty: {...}
.aw-column-total: {...}
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 22,
Ok, great. That's just a small issue...I am very happy with AW so far!
October 22,

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