About the package and import mechnism simulation

anybody have any idea?

AW framework has implemented it basiclly, in fact, here is a project on sf witch is working on this topic within the same way AW implemented in, but unfortunately, the native limitation of javascript engine extremely weakened its functionality.

so far, i downloaded it and took a try but i found that all the class could just be imported after the page was entirely loaded. it means while page is loading, you can not try to access any class which was supposed to be "imported".

any good idea about it?
May 12,
If your ultimate goal is to improve page loading time - then IMHO the best approach is to merge all classes/modules into the single .js file (even if you are not using them always) and include the same file into all your pages. This is the most efficient way of using browser cache.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 12,

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