Bug report AW 2.0 RC1

I just downloaded RC1 and I'm glad to see that keyboard support improved a lot, but I still have some remarks:

1. I can select the label and the group label (FF only) (I'm not sure if this is wrong, but it is different from IE).
2. The focus-rectangle around the group label changes the layout of the page (FF only).
3. The images of buttons, links, checkbox etc. have a tabstop (FF only).
4. Shift-tab doesn't work for input and combo (on IE also for button, hypberlink and checkbox).
5. There is no key to dropdown or rollup a combo (in Windows XP this is Alt-Down).
6. If the combo is dropped down a single click outside the combo won't rollup the combo (the second click will) (FF only).
7. Pressing Space doesn't toggle the checkbox.
8. Initially tabbing to a tabs, list, checked list, tree, radio or grid doesn't show the focus.
9. List, check list, tree and radio all have 3 (FF) or 2 (IE) tabstops instead of 1.
10. On Windows XP the current selection of a list or tree should turn gray if the component doesn't have the focus.
11. It would be clearer if the current item in a check list would be highlighted with a focus-rectangle instead of a gray background.
12. Pressing Space in a checked list will toggle the checkbox, but after that the focus is lost (FF only).
13. Pressing Down in a tree doesn't work and Up has unexpected results. Could you also implement Left and Right to expand and collapse a tree ?
14. List, check list, tree and combo all have horizontal scrollbars (FF in strict mode).

All tests done on controls-xp-quirks.htm using Firefox 1.5.1 (FF) and Internet Explorer 6.0.2 (IE).
February 7,
This is a very good list of bugs. I'm glad someone did a comprehensive UI test. I was doing a bunch of unit testing but was not able to put this much effort into the visual testing. Thanks for your efforts, you have uncovered some things that definately need addressing.
Number 11 is a CSS setting and if you want it to be a dashed border instead of a highlite you can change that, it's a personal preference and not a setting etched in stone.

Thanks again for your efforts!
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 7,

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