Goodbye, good luck, many many thanks, and snif snif

Dear all,

I have been using this tool for more than 9 month now, from v1 to v2, and have been on the forum for a long while (even though using a few pseudos, excuse me french...). I wanted to say that participating a little to this work, and seeing this great GREAT SO GOOD tool working and evolving was a great pleasure, and helping me to keep up the good work, because other very clever developpers were much ahead... From what I can tell, this product is a great tool, with a great roadmap, and sympathic community, willing to help! Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise! After digging in, and being an experienced programmer, your web application will rocket!

This tool... was the key functionnality for the whole backoffice of the project that was, in my case, designed a year ago, because, my god, it rocks! I would have helped to edit all databases, in such a kinky interface that phpmyAdmin and such tools would run and hide... and then hide again...

After a lot a research, and I must have really been blind for a long time, I found a project which englobes my project functionnality, even though not as kinky, but easier FOR ME to install and maintain! It has nothing to do with activewidgets, nor can be compared to it. It is called oscommerce, and is also open source. It has a "kind" of "basic" grid with 10.000 times less functionnalities, but has the advantage to be already integrated into the tool I will use... so I MUST change now my schedule, and I have to throw 9 months of work to the garbage... My fault... If you don't want to repeat this one : keep your eyes opened, and think about how others can do things....

Anyway, I will now be using something else, and I will regret the daily visits on this post, and trying to figure out what were your problems, and if I could hopefully find an answer before Jim... Jim, I must thank you for answering lots of my posts, creating a side community, which I think is the key to make activewidgets famous... I really think that this project should be better known, like a project on sourceforge, other forums, more examples, and then activewidgets will be the editor of the referencial "gui" for all web apps, such as mfc is the reference in winapps... so spread the word, grow faster, make contributions so that alex can hire some people to develop with him, write docs, make a real software company, earn his life more than well, because he does such a great job...

As I regret to have to leave all of you here, I'll keep this project in my mind, and will try to write my own module of oscommerce with aw grid one day... (If anyone has done this already, please let me know...) but I really think that they are highly compatible, and that oscommerce without such a grid is a shame even though a good tool, and this will be my final word.
February 6,

Log into my site and PM me, I have some info on osCommerce that you might be interested in. It might save you a lot more work in the future.

And thanks foir the kind comments.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 6,
Having implemented both ActiveWidgets for one client, and OSCommerce for another, I'm curious how these two were interchangeable in your world. (For those that don't know, OSCommerce is a shopping-cart / online-store product.)

Interesting... because I would have considered these "apples and oranges".
Sam S.
February 7,

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