RC1 looks good so far on FF 1.5!

I love the improved speed of scrolling in FF 1.5! Editing seemed to work fine as well. I am now off to run it through my automated tests...
Jim Hunter
February 1,
Hi Jim,

automated tests? That sounds very interesting... could you give us any details? Which tools do you use, etc.?

Many thanks in advance,

Jose Luis.
Jose Luis (Spain)
February 2,
I use JSUnit and it can be found on SourceForge. I can only test for the non-visual stuff. Like making sure that when you set a width, it returns the same value on the get. During the Beta phase I was able to find issues that Alex has already addressed. Unit testing is a fantastic tool for developers and I highly recommend learning about them and getting JSUnit (it's free) and start testing your code. That way, when new releases of the framework come out, you can run the tests to make sure that your functions etc still perform like you expect them.


Jim Hunter
February 2,

once again, you a good guy, thanks for info!
First time ever I heard about such a tool, even though often studied during scholarship... I gonna give it a look!
February 2,
Hi Jim,

I thought you made some kind of automated visual tests...

Anyway this tool is very interesting, I didn't know any tool to unit-test Javascript.

Thanks man.
Jose Luis (Spain)
February 3,

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