2.0 RC1 change log

Changes since 2.0 beta4 -

- Editing in Mozilla/Firefox
- Misc. editing fixes for IE
- Firefox scrolling speed
- Removed formats from XML and CSV models - use grid.setCellFormat([...])
- Improved AW.Formats.Date textToValue() for correct date sorting
- Max row count increased to 100000
- Compatibility with 3rd party libraries (Prototype, Script.aculo.us)
- Support for HTA (IE detection via document.recalc instead of window.external)
- Italian language file

Beta4 code might be broken in RC1 if you were previously using formatting objects with XML or CSV models. In RC1 the formatting objects could only be attached to the grid control using setCellFormat() method (in beta4 it was possible to put formats both into XML/CSV models and the grid itself).

Combo template is still not finished for use in grid cells - will be in the final release.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 1,
Download link for 2.0 RC1 -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 1,
Hey Alex .... I bet you are tired and ready for a vacation :)

If you have a sec can you please take a look at the sample I posted in:

I was hoping RC1 would improve the FireFox quirks for it but actually it broke it. Now in FireFox (1.0.7) when I click and drag it highlights and doesn't recognize the drop.

IE 6.0 still works fine for it.

BTW, this worked in beta4 on FireFox except I had to click on the scroll bar to active the grid.

Rob Francis
February 1,
Rob, sorry for this problem - it could be fixed adding

#myGrid {-moz-user-select: none}

to the style block.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 1,

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