Version 2.0 release dates

The version 2.0 beta4 will be available this week (18 January) with the new editing and validation API. The final release (standard edition) is expected 30 January and (professional edition) end of February.

18 January 2006 (beta4)
30 January 2006 (standard edition final)
end of February (professional edition final)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 16,
Hi Alex,

I have some problems with the actual beta and they seem to be bugs or not implemented features, and I was wondering if they will be solved/added in the new beta...

- Loading message (or gif).
- Bug reading content of combo (getCellValue returns text, not combo value).
- Vertical scroll bar not appearing when adding new rows.
- Columns resizing problem when grid is inside a HTML table.
- Add/remove rows when using XML data model.

Is going to be any documentation/examples about the new editing and validating API?

I hope all those bugs are solved on the final release because it's a good product and I would like to use it in real projects (it would be greater it it had more 'official' documentation)... Anyway, keep working, it's a good job!!

P.D.: Sorry for my English, I hope at least it's understandable :)
Jose Luis (Spain)
January 16,

Do you intend to modify the custom controls in order to work as form elements before launching ver. 2.0 final ?

Please inform us on this issue in order to know what can we base on when the script will be available.

Best Regards,
January 16,
Now that is a very good news for me!!!
January 16,
Please do consider implementing Bogdan's suggestion, it would help people a lot, especially if it is easy to incorporate validation routines. Thank you, Tom
January 18,

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