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Looks terrific, but doesn't handle the Memory in the best way, expends arround of ~1MB each time that i refresh the page (Ctrl+F5) this is a common action, will be good if you can solve this. I dont say that necesary it's your problem, it's IE problem.

Memory leeks happen when you work in the same window with a large period of time.

One of the possible solutions it's dropping all vars when the unload event ocurrs, and trying to reuse vars in the functions.

P.D. This it's only a comment that i hope you consider it
I.S.C. Jorge Eduardo Lozano Diaz Flores
January 3,
True what you say about unload might free up some var memory, but dropping vars at unload level would only solve if you are leaving a page or refreshing. In another real world senario, you might not be leaving or refreshing the page. Such as an AJAX interface. So the unload would not even fire. There could be some handlers added to address your refresh issue, but in general, when all else fails, blame Micro$oft!
January 3,
In the current release of V2, there is no memory freeing going on. This is going to be fixed in a future version. So currently there are definately memory leaks. For now you have to live with it. Alex has promissed to get this resolved soon.

You will find that FireFox seems to handle the memory much better and I haven't seen the huge memory problems that IE has in FF 1.5+.
Jim Hunter
January 3,

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