tab overflow handling?

Is there anything that exists to automatically handle tab overflow (if the width of all the tabs exceeds the width of the allowed space). Right now, it seems to just cut off. Is there anything I can do?
Joe Hudson
October 26,
Right now it gets 'hidden". In a future release, the little arrows will be added like the ones M$ has on it's products to allow for scrolling. Don't expect this in V2, Alex is targeting this for the next release. For now, you have to manage the width of the control and create your own little scroller arrows if needed. Don't ask, I don't yet have a solution for that but I know in the next 2 months I am going to need the very same thing for my application.
Jim Hunter
October 26,
Thanks very much, Jim.
Joe Hudson
October 26,
Yes, I want to confirm what Jim just said - I am planning to add 'overflow' template which would sit between the top object and tabs list (similar to the grid) and show right/left buttons when the tabs exceed the available space. But this will be after 2.0 :-)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 26,
Thank you Alex. I will be very happen when you add that functionality :)

Joe Hudson
October 27,
Do we have Tab Overflow support now? It looks like the original question has been asked an year ago. I am really hoping you have a solution now.

Thank you,
October 31,
The solution for handling Tab overflow occured to me last night. So here it is,

First maintain an array of index for your tabls ([0,1,2,...]).

Next create 2 functions,

function back() {

function forward() {

Now put a forward and backward images on your page and add a click event to them. On forward click call forward function and backward click call backward function. You can download images from a lot of websites such as www.bestbuy.com, etc ....

I can post a complete example if this doesn't make sense.

November 9,

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