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I would like more information on this feature. I am researching for a client-side grid control and I keep coming back to ActiveWidgets. Everything I see is what I am looking for, except I need to know one thing. Will your Tree Grid feature allow me to display HTML content that spans across column boundaries? For example, I click on the [+] icon to expand a row and what I need to show is content that spans the width of the grid across parent column boundaries. Please provide detailed information on the capabilities of the Tree Grid feature. I am preparing a recommendation to my client to purchase a Site License, so this information is very important. Thank you.
Logan Jaeren
December 29,
Let me see if I understand... when you click the + the info that show up might be wider then the original column and you want to know if the info can be displayed over the current column boundry? Is this what you are describing?
Jim Hunter
December 30,
Yes, because the information that needs to be displayed in related to the row data, but does not conform to the column boundaries.
Logan Jaeren
December 31,
Then you are going to have to increase the column size once that row is expanded. Or leave the size alone and stuff all of the characters into the hint and let it all be displayed when you hover the mouse over the cell. I suppose that you could create some stand alone HTML that 'floated' on top of the grid in exactly the same location as the new information that would span as wide as you want, but that seems like a lot of work and it would hide information in the next column. And if it wouldn't hide information in the column then there would't be anything stopping you from increasing the column size. Something to think about...
Jim Hunter
January 2,

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