# Options Configuration options

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Datagrid configuration options.

The library is available as an NPM package and over ActiveWidgets CDN.

> npm install --save @activewidgets/options

# NPM package

The main module contains named exports for each option.

import { intl, format, column, type } from "@activewidgets/options";

The options are also available as individual modules (default exports)

import format from "@activewidgets/options/format";
import type from "@activewidgets/options/type";

For quick prototyping the package is also availble over ActiveWidgets CDN -

<script src="https://cdn.activewidgets.com/options"></script>

which redirect to the latest version -

<script src="https://cdn.activewidgets.com/options@3.0.0/options.js"></script>

Use ActiveWidgets.Options global namespace with CDN packages.

const { intl, format, column, type } = ActiveWidgets.Options;