Editing, focus, validation - please wait until beta4

There is a lot of discussion around editing, validation, focus etc. - please don't spend much time on it yet. Unfortunately I cannot provide much help here because those features either completely missing in beta3 or will be changed in beta4 so I would rather suggest waiting until beta4 is ready (mid January).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 19,

Appreciate the advice you're giving.....but, problem is we all have projects and probably need things working within given timescales. Difficulty is when expectations for functionallity, documentation and release dates are raised (e.g. your post http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.8591.0/aw-2-0-release-schedule.html) and then not met.

I guess everyone has to make their own judgement as to whether to work with your product (and documentation) as it develops, or come back at a later date. (Problem is, this product is so powerful, that it is difficult not to get tempted into using it .... even in a mid beta state!)

Anyway, I'm not really saying anything constructive here. We know you're doing your best and you are creating a great toolkit. Keep it going!

December 19,
Ouch, that is really going to hurt.
My product was supposed to be delivered in December and at this point if I wait, I really don't know what portions will be working in January (editing, grid templates, grid images, add/remove rows) and in which datasources (jsarray, xml, csv)?
This has to be a daunting effort for you, so I just wonder if it would make sense for you to focus on one most common denominator (IE and XML or whatever your 80/20 rule might be). Is there anyway to make sure that most of the standard functionality works for one platform and datasource. Currently I am using the jsarray (though XML is obviously the latest standard) because it has most of the functionality but still lacks some basics like column formatting and some editing templates (though combo, checkbox and link are close). It seems that one working model is better than several broken models?

I think this is powerful technology that you have developed and I can see great potential in its use!
Rick Villela
December 19,
Guys... if you're working on a project with a short timeline that depends on the upcoming release of a product that is still in Beta with no suggested release date... you can only blame yourselves.
Matt Philmon
January 12,

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