v2.0 Best Load Method For Performance

We currently use V1.0 and hte load time for a grid with 10 columns and more than 50 rows is terrible. We're going to upgrade to 2.0, and since we're going to change the code to integrate the new grid, i'd like to rewrite the way we load the grid to provide optimal performance.

Can anyone suggest the load method (xml data island XPAth, array, xml simple, virutal etc...) that is likely to provide the fastest load and sort speeds?

December 16,
I do believe that you get the fastest load time and grid response using a standard 2 dimensional JavaScript array.
Jim Hunter
December 16,
This really depends on your how your datasource is generated.

When I did some testing between having the database (SQL Server)generate an XML file directly, verses writing a C program that converts the SQL data to a .js file, I found that the database can create the XML file more than 50 times faster (0 ticks vs 55-75 ticks).

I do agree with Jim that if the data file already exists, your load time will be faster with the .js file. It was just my experience that creating that .js file was the bottleneck. I am currently using a JS Array because there is more working features, but will probably switch over to XML once the rest of the functionality is there.
Rick Villela
December 17,

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