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I'm currently experiencing a problem with IE whereby I have a about 30 cols by 40 rows of data to display.
THis all works fine until the draw of the screen where it displays a blank grid even though all the data is lying behind it.
A minimise and maximise of the screen forces a redraw and the grid displays correclty.
I have tested in mozilla and never had this problem.
Have you encountered this problem or would you have any solution.

Thansk for your help
April 20,
I had once something similar where the complex page layout was made of several nested tables. In that case the workaround was to refresh the grid on page load event (window.onload) i.e. when the browser completed the page layout. In your case the additional refresh might be too heavy, so maybe you can skip document.write and use ...innerHTML = grid.toString() inside window.onload

If you do have several tables on the page - maybe you can try using CSS table-layout: fixed;
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 20,
that did the trick.
Thanks Alot
April 21,
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October 18,

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