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I use XML Data Islands and I really need to be able to get the edited data back into the XML. So I was researching why the edit of this type of data does not work and I came to the point that fails.

In the AW.UI.Input - _update function, the this.getControlProperty("text") does not work correctly. Also, if I try to force the value that I want in there, the this.setControlProperty("value",value) does not work.

So then I was trying to figure out why not and realized that I cannot find the definition of these two methods/properties. Am I missing something really big?

Also, any more info on how to make the edits work with the AW.XML.Table or maybe a concrete example on how to get the value, row, column of the edited cell? I've found that the examples don't work with XML data.
Angela D
December 8,
All templates request data from the parent control through the getControlProperty('name') method. This method of the template is redirected ('mapped') to the one of the methods of the control depending on what the template is doing. For example if this is a cell template - the method will be redirected to getCellProperty() call but if this is a header template - the call will be to getHeaderProperty().

Also all control getXXXProperty methods first check if there is an external XXX model attached and if this model has the requested method. So if you have an external cell model and it has setValue() method then the call to setControlProperty("value", value) on the cell template will be routed to setValue(value) method of the external cell model.

However currently (2.0beta3) setValue methods are not yet implemented in AW.XML.Table or AW.CSV.Table classes. To enable editing you either have to implement them yourself or wait until beta4.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 9,
Thanks Alex - good to know they're going to be in there for beta4.
Angela D
December 9,

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