Reading off values from sorted grid

I don't know if this question has been answered so here goes...

Whenever I sort the data, the rows started to change depend on how your sort criteria(i.e sort by name,gender, etc..). How could one get the values accordingly after sorting the data.

If this question has been answered, can any kind soul direct me to the solution.

December 7,
What exactly do you mean by "get the values"? When you click on a row, you would reference that rows columns, it wouldn't matter what sort order they are in. If you are trying to access the values of cells programatically, using the row/column metaphore still works but you will get the new data after the sort (correct me Alex if I am wrong here). So if row 1 column 1 has the first name Sally, and after a sort it now has Bob, accessing Row 1 Column 1 programatically would return Bob.
Jim Hunter
December 7,
Thank you Jim, for the prompt reply .

I have tried to use the obj.getCurrentRow() and obj.getCurrentColumn to read the cell values...yes, I was trying to read the cell values itself...anyway, I also have tried to use obj.getSelectedRows() and obj.getSelectedColumns() and I still get the same result.

As your example mentioned, if R1C1 has Sally and using the methods that I tried, Sally will always have that location after sorted. The question is : is there a way to get the cell values after they are sorted?

If there is a simple segment of a code, I would be most grateful to you guys


P/S: I'm a newbie to JavaScript. I'll try my best to work it out as well.
December 8,
before sort getRowIndices()= [];

after sort by ticker

getRowIndices()= [ 10,13,3,15,18,17,4, 8, 9,19, 16, 0,1,11,2,12,5,14,7,6];


December 9,
Thanks ty for that quick solution.

I really appreciate that. Thanks. :)
December 9,

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