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hi all. I am new to this grid so i thot of putting it in a sample web page to see wat it can do. I have two questions...

1. i wanted my grid to be placed in a table row showing one header (th caption) and a server side button at the bottom. I observed tat-

a. this thing just cannot be placed inside a table. So i used the script with document.write above and right below the table.

but by doing so, although the header aligns properly with the top part of the grid.. but there's tis enormous gap bw the footer of the grid and the other input button i placed (after the grid using document.write)

QUES : Is there a fix for this ? Can i place my grid inside a table along with other elemetns ?
2. I wanted a column to show status in the form of an image. Since i wanst aware of how to add an image on the basis of the column value, i injected some HTML in the Stored proc. THe injected tag was basically an image tag as '<mg src=image border=0>'. (I dunno how good an idea is this. !!!)

But by doin this agian it did not help. The grid shows jus an extra blank column. Although I hav been able to add a hyperlink inside a column by the same method, but for some reason im not able to add any images to the column.

QUES : Wats the best way to add an image to a column, specially when i want the image to change with the type of value displayed in the column by the resulting SP.
Thanks a lot for all ur time and effort.

November 22,

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