Vertical scrollbar not available in FF1.5

I know there was workaround for the header tabs of FF1.5 (which showed horizontal scrollbars at the headers), the latest beta release of Firefox.

Apparently, the vertical scrollbar has disapeared too.
Is there a workaround available to have that issue resolved?

November 18,
When you put the grid in a iframe and the scrolling settings set to 'yes', both hor & vetical scrollbars show. When set to 'auto', no scrollbars show.
November 19,
Sorry, ignore my last post.
The vertical scrollbar doesnt work. I also tried it with firefox rc3.

Didn't anyone encounter this problem?
November 19,
Hello Patrick,

I've got the same issue... i started a topic earlier but didn't get an answer. But i think that AW isn't supporting the new firefox until it is actually released.
Rik Smith
November 20,
Firefox is currently is RC3. I don't think mayor modifications are to be expected after this release candidate. Moreover it is not sure if the broken grid is considered a Firefox-bug.

Anyhow I hope AW will still support the version 1 of the grid though, since version2 the full focus.
November 20,
Fixed in 1.0.2

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 12,

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