what event is triggered after an edit?

i have been reading posts on this forum and wondering if there is any updates/answers to this earlier post, regarding how to trigger an event after you change data in the table?


i tried onSelectedChanged, onCurrentChanged and onItemTextChanged. None of them seem to be called after a cell has been edited (want to do user data validation).

the only thing that works was onCellDoubleClicked which is triggered BEFORE the user's editing so that doesn't do the job.

November 11,
Try putting something in the onkeypress and look for the ENTER key as you have to hit ENTER in order to save your data. I have not tried it but it should get you there for now, until there is an official way to do it.
Jim Hunter
November 11,
Hi Jim,
I think the ENTER key (to save-edition) is no longer needed (fixed in Beta2).
Trying to do some validation, I was able to fire an alert after edition by adding a single line to a copy of the AW.Templates.Input ,but it's not enough (cause the "non-desirable-data remains in the cell after the alert ), I can change it with '######' , but same result.
Thats why I open a new post:
November 12,
Anyway, found the default event (but I think buggi somewhere cause it's fired twice)
obj.onCellTextChanged=function(){alert('data changed')}
November 13,
You can try onCellValueChanged also...
December 18,

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