update the data base

i'm testing the grid version beta1. i liked a lot of the editable cells, and now, the next step, is to update the changed values in my data base. How do i do that?

thanks a lot

and congratulations, you're doing a great job.
November 9,
That is entirely tied to the server scripting language you are using and the database you are using, and has nothing to do with the AW Framework. This is beyond the scope of this forum.
Jim Hunter
November 9,
Alex is working on the add/delete/update rows functionality that will update the AW.XML.Table, but not the database. As Jim Hunter mentioned, updating the database itself is independent of AW.
You might want to look at the following posting to get an idea of how to communicate from Javascript to your database as a possible solution.

Rick Villela
November 9,

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