Houston ...We have a problem!

OK, first off - this problem is self-induced - Im using V1 and as I had it set up, it does the job fine- my csv loads, displays and scrolls to the last record. It opens and sorts a pre specified cloumn "descending" and then cooks breakfast for me! Great. Looks yummy too!

I looked at the page-ation patch and thought we'll give it a try!

After a bit of tinkering - it runs fine, even altered the paging button fonts and colours. Still have it sorting a column on start up and now it cooks supper as well!

Now I'm not an expert juggler of binary magic - but I can apply basic cut and paste technology with recursive itteration unit I usually come up with a solution to a problem. This has however stumped me!

It seems that with the patch you have to specify the number of rows/records/tuples that you want the grid to handle and because the widget handles csv's and XML's asynchronously - you cant get that info pre-load in order to dynamically adjust the row caunt value. You need to have this set correctly because, if less than the records loaded you loose data - to high and the grid hits the empty void of space and comes up with nothing.

So my question is,or rather are:
1. If the above discribes the expected behaviour, is there any simple and painless soloution/way of setting the rowCount param dynamically to accomadate all records of a CSV whilst using the page-ation patch?
2. If not - Does V2 solve this issue?
3. or Should I just stick to breakfast in bed?

Kind regards

November 1,

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