setSelectorWidth not working in some situations

I have included a grid in a large compound object that I have created and all is well except that setSelectorWidth function does nothing. I tested that function on a stand alone grid and it works fine, but in this compound control it does nothing. setColumnWidth(xxx, xx) works fine to change the size of the data columns. Anybody run into this?
Jim Hunter
October 28,
yes, i am running into it. it is doing nothing for me either. after my row number reaches 100, only "..." is displayed rather than the actual row number, and i dont seem to be able to change the width size.

November 1,
and if i may mention without offending anyone, the text added above:
"More information on this topic is available in the documentation section: /general.faq.releases/2-0.html" really doesnt help me
November 1,

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