Adding onblur event after editing the cell


How do I add a "blur" event after I edited the cell. I need to have a handler for the blur. Here is what I have tryed with no success:
myHandler = function(){
     alert("I will handle it from here!");
obj.setEvent("onblur", myHandler );

Thank you!
Stefan [RO]
October 27,
You realize the the blur even happens after you leave a control? You need to hit ENTER to finish editing, that is when you should be triggering an event to handle the changes. Waiting for an onblur event might not be reliable.
Jim Hunter
October 27,
Hey Jim!

Thank you for your reply. Do you have any idea of how to do this? I mean, triggering an event to handle the changes... I really need some help...

Stefan [RO]
October 28,

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