Reverting to previously selected row

As per previous Forum messages..my understanding is to revert the grid back to previous selected rows (in a multi-select mode), I would invoke the following

obj.setRowProperty("values", array);

Where array would be the values of the selected row indices?

My problem is the grid refreshes, but i do not see the rows highlighted.

If i go to single select, and call the following, the row is highlighted

obj.setSelectionProperty("index", nRow);

Can someone please help?


October 26,
Are you using version 2? If so, you are using the wrong function. Look at the source of grid.htm in the QuickRef folder. You will see a function called setSelectedRows and you pass in an array of the selected rows.
Jim Hunter
November 3,
I try to do it too. But it doesn't work. Here is the code.

var selectedIndex = obj.getSelectedRows();

Please help.
July 17,

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