blank rows when paging

i am paging results from a DB. here is the code:

// create the grid object
var obj = new Active.Controls.Grid;

// replace the built-in row model with the new one (defined in the patch)
obj.setModel("row", new Active.Rows.Page);

obj.setProperty("row/count", <%=numrows+1%>);
obj.setProperty("column/count", 8);

obj.setProperty("data/text", function(i, j){return obj_data[i][j]});
obj.setProperty("column/texts", obj_columns);

// set page size
obj.setProperty("row/pageSize", 10);

// write grid html to the page

the paging works fine, except the first 10 rows are displayed, then there are about 30 blank rows until the pagination buttons are displayed.
there are 300 rows of data in total.

like i said, it works but i dont want all those blank rows.

in grid.js i have:
obj.defineProperty("pageSize", 10);

can anyone help? this happens in IE and FF
September 27,

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