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Using provided example, how come when I click Column in the header,
my header (column) doesn't show "^" (up arrow) or "V" (down arrow)?
What did I miss?

Bruce Y
September 15,
maybe your column size is just enough for the column name text.. try using short column names, then you'll see the arows..
anonymous me
September 15,
well, I dragged and expanded the column (should have enough space, I would think?), still won't work. Could it be because of the Background color of the header?

.active-templates-header { color: blue; border-right: 1px solid orange}
.active-templates-item { text-align: right; color: blue; }

I have copied all properties (except .active-column-? {text-align:
I used "left" instead "right").

Any clue?
Appreciate your response.
Bruce Y
September 15,
Check if the grid.png file is in the same folder as grid.css
September 15,
After put grid.png is the right place. It works. Great. Thanks a lot.
Bruce Y
September 16,

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