last row doesnt show, grid in iframe probz..


i place my grid inside an iframe.. it loads well however when i specify the height of the iframe, the last row is no longer visible and the scrolldown button is also invisible.. yet the last row is still in the grid, however, as i say, cannot be seen coz the scrollbars can not get up to tha last part of the iframe page..

<iframe name='ifrme' src='viewlist.php?page=$page&main=$main&mtID=$mtID&restrict=$restrict&activation=$activation&openclose=$openclose' title='IFRAME' scrolling='auto' width='750' height='360' align='center' frameborder='0'></iframe>

example.. 15 rows...
the page is cut rom here but the 15th row does exist...

the iframe is inside a table..
<td height="367" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" valign="top"><div align="left"><iframehere></td>

help is needed asap... thnx! :)
September 13,
never mind.. i found out that the browser's scroll bars were the one missing.. tnx anywyz! :)
September 13,

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