Virtual Grid (Just In Time Rendering)

Is there any plan to create VIRTUAL grid functionality such that only the rows in view are rendered? Domapi.com has a grid that does this, and VIRTUAL mode allows the grid to render up to 1000 rows with 10 columns with virtually no wait, (the same amount of time as ActiveWidgets takes to render 100 rows with 10 columns). Most applications that we build use between 100 and 1000 rows, and I think datasets in this range are something common to alot of other organization's projects as well.

August 30,
If you want fast rendering, initially set the number of rows to 10, then with a setTimeOut function, wait about 1/2 a second then change the rowcount to it's actual value and refresh the grid. This will speed up rendering immensly.
Jim Hunter
August 30,

version 2.0 will include virtual rendering mode. I just put 1000 rows example here:


It does work a lot faster and actually it doesn't matter how many rows you have - rendering speed is always the same.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 31,
Can the virtual rendering be disabled?
Jim Hunter
September 1,
Hello Alex, Can i use the virtual mode uploading content dinamically from an asp file?
September 9,
Downloading... i meant
September 9,
I ran some tests with virtual mode on and off and both have their pro's and con's. With Virtual mode off a 1000 row data set (10 columns) takes about 10 seconds to display but after that, scrolling is quite fast.
With Virtual mode on a 1000 row data set (10 columns) takes about 2 seconds to load but scrolling (using the mouse scroll wheel or page up/down) is slow: takes a while for the data to display.

Would it be possible to implement a hybrid solution: instead of rendering only the displayed rows, render a page or 2 (or a predefined number of rows) above and below as a 'buffer' ? This would provide a reasonably fast loading time with fast scrolling..
January 6,
KRL - read my post above for your answer. It does exactly what you want. And if you want to use this solution with version 2, I suggest turning birtual rendering off.
Jim Hunter
January 7,

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