Displaying data into a web page Grid from a text file

Hi All,
Im trying to read data from a text file and trying to display it is a grid on a web page.
Can anyone please advise as to how do I go about doing so..

Any Help would be apreciated.
August 20,
Once you download the source, look in your Tutorial/Grid folder for a file data-textfile.htm. Everything you need to know is there. Or you could search the forums for the other 20 threads that talk about this. Doesn't anyone try and look for information themselves any more? Come on people, do searches, look in the information that is provided for you in your download, cover your bases before asking REDUNDANT and un-necessary questions. I don't mean to offend anyone, but doing a search and looking for the information yourself is actually FASTER then posting a question and waiting for an answer.
Don't Want To Offend, but...
August 22,

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