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hi, just asking for code on how to :
a. the program will be able to add, edit, and view user information
b. Client User will be able to Login to the website by providing their user name and password. A link also be provided for new user to register. When they provided the correct username and password corresponding to the database, the user will be brought to a page where they can edit and update their data.
c. client users will be able to register(ADD) to the website by providing the following data:
1. Personal Data(last name, first name, title, birthdate)
2. Billing address(address1,address2, city, country, postal code)
3. Login Details(username, password)

August 12,
I don't know if you are on the right form. What do you want to do with the grid?

Your asking for a complete application the grid is only one component of it. We used the grid in an open source application.

We have a flexible data model, so we can model last name etc (in some countries they have a prefix before their last name like "Van")

Take a look at http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net maybe a good starting point.
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
August 12,

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