How can I populate the grid using data from a java bean?

I am a newbee to the Java world. ia m trying to create a simple page with a table that is populated from a session bean. I have a property in the bean that is an array list of the data that needs to be displayed as a table on my jsp page.

I need to access this bean array and use that array to populate the widget grid. I have been looking at code sample for <jsp:useBean> but can't seem to get the array property assigned to a javascript array.

How do I get the bean array assigned to a javascript array and thereby populate the grid?

Thanks in advance!
August 11,
Fill the data in your jsp page like this.

mydata = [];

row = ["<%=some java code holding your value>"]

mydata.push (row);

Do it in a loop and look to the other examples

John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
August 11,
That did help get the data from the bean into my array. Thanks! However I seem to be having problems displaying the data in the grid now.

After havind populated the array in the manner you have suggested, I tried to populate the grid with the example code:

obj.setDataText(function(i,j){return myData[i][j]});

This results in a "No Data Found" message. How do I populate the grid with the myData array?

Thanks again for all the help!
August 11,
I used mydata without capitals did you copy that? Then you have to use:

obj.setDataText(function(i,j){return mydata[i][j]});

check if it's filled right with alert (mydata.length) or alert (myData.length) depending on the name of your array.
John Ophof http://open-modeling.sourceforge.net
August 12,

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