Maximum number of rows?


I'm new to ActiveWidgets Grid and think its really cool. I'm exploring this product for our use, but I was wondering if there is a maximum number of rows (if any) that this Grid can display?

My goal is to dump database records into the grid. Some of our tables easily have 1000+ rows.

Any input is appreciated.

Chicago Sam
August 9,
I would like to know what the scalability of the grid is also. We use the XMl capabilities providing a url to return the data, which can sometimes have thousands of row. Our home grown grid handles the size nicely, but uses an efficient XSL transformation on the client.
August 9,
I know that I have tested it with 700 records and it worked just fine. Since I am not allowing that many records at a time I never tested thousands of rows. Keep in mind, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!". Just because you can load the grid up with thousands of rows doesn't mean that is the most efficient way to handle the problem. That is a lot of data coming down the pipe and anyone on a dial-up are going to be in pain waiting for the data.
Jim Hunter
August 10,

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