sort button right aligned

Why don't you do the sort button (upper and lower arrow) in the header right aligned?

This would look more consistent, the heading content has different lengths.
Reini Urban
March 1,
The standard windows grid has sort buttons aligned to the left. That's why I decided to do the same.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 1,
Hi Alex,

And how would I change the sort indicator to the left if I decide to go againts bill gates standards?
May 7,
Found solution for sort indicator left aligned....

add css coding as follows:

.active-box-sort{position:absolute; left:0px;}

After achieving the required result and asking "simple rtl user" what they preffer as to correct usability, I am sorry to say that bill gates won and they preffer the standard additon.

May 7,
This CSS fragment will make the sort indicator "right-aligned" to the column header, with a 2px right pad for consistent spacing:

.active-box-sort{position:absolute; right:2px;}
Jason Johnson
October 19,
Thank you very much, just the information I was looking for!

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Qrios Webdiensten
May 27,

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