Firefox 1.1 (alpha2) big problems with grid, scrollbars everywhere!

Well much like topic says, when using firefox 1.1 (alpha2) to view a page with an active widget component, scrollbars appear everywhere!

To demonstate the problem, here's a screenshot of how the ActiveWidgets homepage widget demo looks: http://www.allset.nl/activewidgets.png

I hope this can be fixed, we paid for and use this component with much pleasure, but that is some kind of breakage in combination with FF1.1 rendering engine :-)
All Set D&CC (chris@allset.nl)
July 25,
Yes I noticed that 2 I presumed that was a firefox bug though it is in alpha
July 25,
I know about this problem - for sure the grid will work with Firefox 1.1 (when it will be released). But I did not want to put in the workaround for something which may still change several times before release.


The grid display is currently broken in Mozilla 1.8 alpha due to various bugs in current implementation of new CSS properties. Mozilla introduced support for overflow-x and overflow-y in 1.8a, however setting overflow-y to 'hidden' forces overflow-x to 'auto' and then you see unexpected scrollbars.

Here is the temporary fix:

.active-grid-row.gecko, .active-box-normal.gecko {
overflow-y: visible;

I am not sure if its really a bug - somebody point me that this is exact behavior specified by W3C, but it is still looks weird to me.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
July 25,
Thanks this workaround worked perfectly for me!
All Set D&CC (chris@allset.nl)
July 26,
Personaly I am ignoring this bug till the browser is released not point debugging your pages in a unreleased version since they may alter stuff and your fix will then cause other probs then again always test a couple days before if they gonna release it :)
July 27,

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