Grid displays in IE but not FireFox.

Hello everyone,

I have the Grid in an IFRAME. The contents in the IFRAME are pointed to blank.htm until the user makes some selections. Then, I use Javascript to change the contents of the IFRAME using document.VCframe.location.href="http://my_url_and_path/grid.htm"

This works with IE, but not for FireFox.

With FF I still see blank.htm.

Eric Dykstra
July 6,
With IFrames, don't change the location.href, change the SRC. So change your line of code to be:

Jim Hunter
July 6,

Yeah ... I tried that. It causes other issues ... the grid.htm source stays, and it won't swap back to blank.htm.

However, I just figured it out. It isn't an ActiveWidgets Grid issue at all. FF is more particular about IFRAME. I changed the line to use 'parent' instead of 'document' and it now works for both IE and FF.

So, I'm moving forward with that solution for now. I think I should use 'src' instead of 'location.href' and fix the other issue it causes. But I'll have to leave that for the next deadline. :)


Eric Dykstra
July 7,

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