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First of all I want to say 'sorry' for my question becouse, I don't know JS at all, and I know that for some of us my question can be funny and trivial.
So, let's begin:
I downloaded the AW, copied to my web server. I used the examples/PHP script to connect to the database (MySQL). Everything works fine...but only from view side. So my question is...now to get the cell values and change it. What is the best way to make it and update the MySQL server in the same time (or maybe not the same?). Unfortunately my JS skills are poor, I'm trying to do anything...no results....
So if you can say shortly how to set it, show me some working engine, give some advices - Thank You
June 29,
ya i wud also lik an example of this. i cant seem to find a example where mysql is used and can be edited .
August 24,

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