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I took the basic grid example and added alot more data to it so that the screen needs to scroll. When I user firefox and use the wheel to scroll only the data in the table scroll, not the numbers to the left or the header row and the window scroll bar does not move. I can somehow get the numbers to scroll by themselves if i click on them a few times the scroll. My current thought is to remove the numbers with

and then add the numbers myself.
Any ideas on whats going on here

Also is there anyway to keep the header row at the top of the screen so it doesn't scroll away?
June 17,
I think what you are describing here is that FireFox is not scrolling the grid, it's scrolling the page. I don't beleive that FireFox and the mouse wheel and the grid all get along, Alex might be able to verify this. I think I read in another thread that only IE works well with the wheel.
And if FireFox is scrolling the entire page then there is not an easy way to keep the headers in view without creating 2 grids, one with only a header and placing it inside a floating DIV that always stays in view. It's a lot of work and only 'might' solve your problem.
Jim Hunter
June 17,
I actually already have code for a floating header and that uses a timer to moves it to the top of the page every 500 ms or so. Is there a way to remove the captured onwheel event that the grid uses then and just let the page handle the scroll itself?
June 19,
I believe Firefox does not have onmousewheel event at all. Maybe it could be fixed by polling the scrollbar position every 1s.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 20,

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