using dynamic xml files from .aspx

I populate the grid using xml retreived from a database through an ASP.Net backend, thus:

var table = new Active.XML.Table;

However I found that it would not work. The request object was appending a '?' to the URL which confused the aspx code. I don't know if this constitutes a bug as such, however I have managed to find a workaround and post it here for anybody attempting to achieve the same...

file: request.js
function obj.request()
line: 12

change :
if (this._requestMethod != "POST") {
to :
if ((this._requestMethod != "POST")&&(data!='')) {

and you are in business.

February 19,
That was a bug. Many thanks for posting this fix. I just added it to 0.2.7 release :-)


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 19,
How about this?

table.setParameter("func", "getDynamicXML");

February 19,

(exactly. thank you, Jeremie)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 19,
Cheers Jeremie. much more elegant.
February 23,

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