Grid in IFRAME refresh?

I am using IFRAME to display a grid on a page that is loading data from a CSV file. The CSV file is being updated with new records periodically during the day. If I refresh my browser (IE 6.0), the grid within the IFRAME does not pick-up the new records that were added to the CSV file. Now, if I close my browser window or open a new browser window then the grid is displayed correctly with the new records. Can someone advise as to how you can refresh the grid within the IFRAME without opening a new browser session?

Any help would be appreciated.
Frank L
February 13,
I believe the grid does request the CSV file on each refresh but the file is served from the browser cache instead of the web server. It should be possible to prevent caching for particular files using the web server config (i.e. .htaccess for Apache).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 13,
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I am using an MS IIS 5.0 server and have found a setting under "Default Web Site Properties" under the tab "HTTP Headers" and selecting "Enable Content Expiration" and setting it to "Expire Immediately" has solved the problem of refreshing the grid in the IFRAME. Thank you for your insite, and keep up the great work!
Frank L
February 14,

I used iframe in my system. After editing a record, the db is refreshed but not iframe refreshed. once i closed that window and opened new window it worked fine. i am using unix server. Can anybody help to rectify it????
March 30,

I had a similar problem: the grid wasn't refreshing when the XML data loads changes. I solved this by adding a unique number to the end of the URL loaded, like so:

var table = new Active.XML.Table;
// N.b.: '?ran=" + new Date().getTime()' is added to prevent the 
//XML file from being cached by the browser.
table.setProperty("URL", "/path/to/file/fileName.xml?ran=" 
                         + new Date().getTime());

April 13,
I want to come out of the iframe when my current form gets submitted
December 22,

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