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Im fairly new to javascript and usually end up copying / pasting code as i dont properly understand. However I have tried making my own popup menu using the simple script:

function showMenu(layer){
layer.style.display = "block";

function hideMenu(layer){
layer.style.display = "none";

and calling these functions using onMouseOver="showMenu(Layer1)" command. This works fine except in Mozilla based browsers it doesnt hide the menu. Does anyone know why?
The page can be seen at http://www.inspiracode.com/inspv4/menu.htm

Thanks for any help
May 11,
I want to know deeply about what you did, and what do you want to do in the context of above code.

I' ll see this code and i'll try to send you reply just as early as possible.

now, i want to create a popup menu using javascript in a webpage (.html) that should be hide or show on just clicking.
it should work like microsoft popup menu. if u know exactly, tell me on amit_tonk@rediffmail.com.

June 9,

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