Can the grid be editable?

Is it possible to add code that will make the grid editable from withing a given cell?

Pretty much the same way it is done in a spreadsheet, can a cell be edited?
Alejandro Martinis
April 26,
I'm pretty sure I saw a sample of that in the documentation. Or are you asking something different from the example?
Andrew Sim
May 4,
I was looking for this functionality in the documentation as well and couldn't find it. Andrew, can you please specify where you see documentation that the grid is editable by the user?

Ajit D'Sa
May 6,
May 6,
Another editable ajax grid.
May 19,

One problem with your editable grid - once you click on the column headers to sort the data, you can no longer click to edit the grid: "'this.EditCell.parentNode' is null or not an object.'
May 31,
None of the links to editable grid seem to get me to a "how to".
I'm interested in putting up a grid into which the user makes entries for ultimate submission.

Any ideas?

May 31,

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