Select\Combo Box - selected option incorrect after change

I have been tinkering with my grid for some time now...thanks to the forums I've been able to resolve most of the issues.

I've hit a brick wall on this one.... I have 2 columns of Select Boxes -
obj.setEvent("ondblclick", switchToEditMode)
- but when I change the value of one Select Box and then proceed to double click on another cell that contains a Select Box, the selected option/value appears as the previously changed Select Box's value.

Here is my ondblclick function...
function switchToEditMode()
template = this;
template.element().style.padding = 0;
template.element().innerHTML = editor;

var originalText = template.getItemProperty("value");


...and here is my "editor" declaration\settings...

var editor = new Active.HTML.DIV;


editor.setClass("templates", "input");
editor.setAttribute("type", "text");
editor.setEvent("onblur", function(event) { this.switchToTextMode( event ); } );

editor.setContent( "options", function()  
var text = template.getItemProperty("text");
var column = template.getColumnProperty("index");
var foundMe = false;
var inputOptions = obj._options;
var optionsHTML = new Array();

for( i=0; i< inputOptions.length; i++ )
 var oTag = new Active.System.HTML();
 var val = inputOptions[i][0];
 var txt = inputOptions[i][1];

 if(column == inputOptions[i][2]) { 
  oTag = new Active.System.HTML();
  oTag.setAttribute( "value", val );
  if ( text==txt ){
   oTag.setAttribute( "selected","true" );
   foundMe = true;
  optionsHTML.push( oTag );

if (!foundMe){optionsHTML.push("<option value=\""+text+"\" selected=\"true\">"+text+"</option>");}

return optionsHTML.join("");

I believe the issue is because of the single "editor" instance but I'm not sure. If you could provide some help or a link to a topic that would help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
April 7,
I see what's wrong, when I load my grid using
obj.setDataProperty("text", function(i, j){return myData[i][j]});

I should be using
obj.getDataText = function(i, j){return myData[i][j]}
obj.setDataText = function(value, i, j){myData[i][j]=value}
April 7,

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