How to syncronized two grids?

I have a a pair of grids with the same columns and rows but with different information in each one; the objective is to show the information of the two grids and to make a visual comparison single, and the movement of scrollbars is important for me... if I move the vertical/horizontal scrollbar in a grid I need that the other grid reflects the same movement automatically and viceversa...
How can I implement this characteristic?

Thanks a lot
Luis Méndez
March 31,
Hola Luis,
Excuse me if yo don't speak Spanish.
Pero por tu nombre, espero que puedas entenderlo.
Sincronizar los scrolls vertical y horizontal es bastante complicado de realizar, lo que si es factible es (mediante un evento click o focus) es realizar un search (del row selected) en el segundo grid y posicionarse en su row (pero creo que solo verticalmente) con la funcion (scrollintoview) que podrás encontrar en el foro.
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March 31,

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