Can I show Editable fields.

I am using this grid and one of the columns has a drop down. I implemented same using templates. But the issue is unless the user click on that it does not show the drop down control.
Is it possible to show the drop down control with the selected value visible instead of showing a plain row to the user.

I know after the user clicks on the row it changes to drop down. But I would like to show upfront to the user that there is dropdown there.

Pl. Help
March 29,
I would recommend to use the drop-down ListBox control instead. (that already comes with mentioned feature).

Altought is possible to modify the select control to meet this issue, there
are some considerations: (if current cell-value is "empty" or not a valid list value) it is needed to add it to the list (while constructing the template) if not: (should not be possible to go back to the old cell-value ).

March 30,

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