Image template / row height wrong

I'm using xml and the Active.XML.Table to populate a grid.

I set:
table.getImage = function(row, col) {
//alert("row:"+row+". col:"+col);
return "doc";

// image template
var img = new Active.Templates.Image;
obj.setColumnTemplate(img, 0);

The getImage function seems to be getting used, though no word doc icons are showing up.

The real problem though is that the cells are height-screwy.
I have:
#grid_alerts .active-grid-row {height: 60px;}
#grid_alerts .active-grid-row .active-list-item {height: 60px;}
#grid_alerts .active-scroll-left .active-list-item {height: 60px;}

But those don't seem to affect the 0 column, as it's still 25. No image either.

Any help?
March 24,

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